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It was May and I just came back from one of those epic summers that ruins you forever in a good way because of too many boys and too much drinking and dancing. I was in my 20s and moving into a new place — a windowless basement room in a house I shared with four chirpy teachers-to-be — and one night, I became aware of great sadness. It was filling every black corner of that basement suffocating me — it was like one of those lucid dreams where you know you’re asleep and try to scream.

The sadness wouldn’t lift so I went to student Best psychiatrist Etobicoke & psychologist Toronto services and saw someone the next day. 

The therapist was barely older than me, a psych grad to my psych undergrad. She was keen on talking about my mother and my grandmother; she believed in intergenerational trauma, for example, my grandma’s war counseling was also my counselling — what? We parted ways but I came away with the idea that getting free Best  psychologist Toronto help was as easy as making a reservation at a crappy restaurant.Reminder our Website for More info-


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